You should first submit an online record / Award application. The AHCF Global Book of Records and Awards team will get in touch with you within 48 working hours.

If you are applying for award , all the supported evidences should be submitted along with the application form

Individual / Group / Organisation need to make the choice of package at the time of filling the form

To seek services of our team of renowned Judges, contact us at least 15 before the record attempt.

Details about the record must be submitted, at least two weeks before the record attempt.

AHCF GLOBAL BOOK OF RECORD’S authorized person will provide a provisional certificate on the spot on qualifying the record attempt after keeping all the evidences in his possession and confirming that the record effort is successfully completed. The final certificate; will be dispatched within 15 days of the record attempt or claim of award.

In the case of a group – the organizer / team leader should fill the adjudication service form to invite a Judge or can ask for uninterrupted online witnessing of event supported by submission of unedited video / photographic evidences

In case of a minor – the parent/guardian are authorized to fill the Nomination/ adjudication service form.

AHCF Global Book of Records and Awards reserves all the rights to accept or reject the application/ nomination form

Once the application is accepted to set a record or for award , the applicant can use the logo of organization for his/her promotion in both print and electronic media.

After the record is set or award is given , AHCF will promote the awardee on all its available platforms ,website, newspapers and in electronic media.

AHCF will organise online interaction sessions with its awardees

All Legal issues are subject to the jurisdiction of j & k, High court , Jammu and Kashmir India

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