Step A: Decide whether you are applying for world record or Award so fill the form accordingly

Step B : Decide , are you going to attempt for an Individual Record /Award or a Team Record / Award?

Step C : Decide the Record/Award Category Category.

Step D : Select the package.

Step F : Check whether it is new record or you want to break the record .

Step G : Fill all the details carefully. Organisations will not hold any responsibility of the wrong inputs from your side

Step H : If you are applying for Award the email supported documents at

Step I : When you execute the Record, capture your attempt Photos and Videos and send the same via email or via other modes.

Step J : Once your submission gets approved, you can share it on Face book, Twitter and other Social Media and be proud to be an AHCF GLOBAL BOOK OF RECORD AND AWARD HOLDER .

Important Note: The right to accept or reject the evidences submitted lies with AHCF adjudicators Usually a World Record approving process will take 7 Working days.

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