"If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary ! "

AHCF GLOBAL BOOK OF RECORDS AND AWARDS is an organization registered with MSME(UDYAM) Government of India , Registration no. UDYAM-JK-0004805 . The organization aims at exploring and recognising the best within you. We inspire people to try something unique and fruitful and develop the capacity building in their respective fields.

AHCF GLOBAL BOOK OF RECORDS AND AWARDS is a platform to showcase amazing human feats, incredible achievements and unique events. We evaluate, approve, recognize, supervise, explore and certify amazing human talents, incredible achievements in nature of World Records and their achievements in all disciplines by means of Awards, by publishing them in e journals / e record book and registry of world records. With a very high standard of Supervision, Approval and Recognition of Records, AHCF strives to become an authority when it comes to world beating records. The incredible contents and achievements of AHCF INDIA are reaching out to all potential people which in turn pave way to display their latent talents globally.

We also believe that talent knows no boundaries of Caste, Colour, Creed, Religion and doesn’t determine the person nor their capabilities. Our team of adjudicators ensures that equal opportunities should be given to all to establish new records and challenge the old ones following all the procedures and protocols as per International protocol for new records .

Our Mission / Motto

Our Mission Is to raise The Bar of Human Achievement by motivating the masses through World Records and recognizing them by honouring them with Awards as per their contributions in their respective fields. Our pivotal intent is to bring extra-ordinary out of ordinary people and to showcase their achievements globally.

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